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Product name : GTD-2000Ex combustible gas detector
Item : 美国英思科ISC
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 GTD-2000Ex combustible gas detector
■ Optional remote sampling
■ Non-open-top operation
■ HART communication protocol
■ OLED display technology
■ can be achieved ppm, LEL, Vol units display
■ SIL2 certification
◤ use flame retardant structure, continuous explosion of hazardous areas within the combustible gas detection
 Built-in microprocessor to achieve self-diagnostic function
◤ According to a variety of detection principles, from low to high concentrations of combustible gas detection
¢ long-term stability of the quality and proven test principle
◤ Built-in backlit LCD or OLED display
◤ use the magnetic bar to implement automatic calibration and program settings
◤ 4-20mA DC output signal
¢ using HART communication protocol, easy to maintain and build the system
◤ equipped with alarm device
- Normal: Green LED
- Alarm: red LED, beep (95 dB)
- Fault: yellow LED
 Single calibration and maintenance
Technical Parameters
Model GTD-2000Ex
Measurement of gas flammable gases (liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, methane, butane, etc.)
Measurement method Diffusion type
Measurement methods Catalytic components, semiconductor elements, thermal components
Response time T90 <15 seconds
Accuracy ± 3% / full scale
Mode of operation
Operation mode display 1-LED (power supply)
Display the LCD display (built-in backlight two-wire, 8-bit) / OLED type (optional)
Alarm signal output Analog: Measuring signal: 4-20mA DC
Maintenance signal: 3mA DC
Calibration signal: 3mA DC
Fault signal: 0mA DC
Number: 2mA (HART 7, HART device description language available, optional)
Cable / Distance Power Cable + Signal Cable: 3-Wire> 1.5 Square (AWG16) / Max: 2500m
Material Housing: Aluminum die castings, 316 stainless steel (optional) / Sensors: 316 stainless steel
Conduit connection G. Rc. NPT 1/2 inch, 3/4 in, M20 (G 3/4 inch: standard)
Installation type 2-inch bar-mounted, wall-mounted, tube-mounted
Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃ / -40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃ (optional)
Operating humidity 5 to 99% .RH (non-condensing)
Operating power 18 ~ 31V DC (conventional: 24V DC) / maximum: 200mA
Size 136x166x110 (W x H x D) mm
Weight 1.5kg
Certified Explosion Protection (Ex d IIC T5) KCs / IP66 / 67
Explosion-proof type (Ex d IIC Gb T4 ~ T6) ATEX, IECEx
Explosion - proof type (Ex d IIC T5 Gb) NEPSI
Explosion - proof type (Exd llC T6, T5, T4 Gb) KCs
Class standard: KR, MED, ABS, DNV

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