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Product name : GTD-5000Ex pumped combustible gas detector
Item : 美国英思科ISC
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 GTD-5000Ex pumped combustible gas detector
■ Built-in sampling pump, faster leak response
■ modular sensor, easy to replace
■ Modbus communication
■ PoE online detection
■ can be achieved ppm, LEL, Vol units display
■ Fixed gas flow
◤ use built-in sampling pump to achieve rapid response to combustible gas leakage
 Built-in microprocessor to achieve self-diagnostic function
◤ with a box sensor, the replacement is more simple
◤ use digital flow sensor to maintain a fixed flow
¢ According to a variety of detection principles, from low to high concentration of gas detection
¢ long-term stability of the quality and proven test principle
◤ excellent LCD display, display a variety of information
¢ 4-digit gas concentration monitor
◤ 4-20mA DC output signal
↑ Easily monitor configuration via RS-485 Modbus serial data communication or PoE (optional)
 Level 2 alarm, single fault display and relay contact output
◤ Signal is connected to the 3-wire of the power supply
 Single calibration and maintenance
Technical Parameters
Model GTD-5000Ex
Measurement of gas flammable gases (liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, hydrogen, methane, butane, etc.)
Measuring method Pumping
Measurement methods Catalytic components, semiconductor elements, thermal components
Response time T90 <15 seconds
Accuracy ± 3% / full scale
Operation Front panel switch (calibration, maintenance, alarm settings)
Operation mode display 4-LED (power supply, level 2 alarm, single fault)
Display the LCD display (4 digits)
Alarm signal output 250V 1A / 3 SPD switch (SPST) Relay contact (2-level alarm, 1-fault)
Output signal 4 - 20mA DC
RS-485 Modbus (optional) / PoE (power over Ethernet) (optional)
Sampling method Diaphragm sampling pump
Sampling line OD: 1/4 inch (standard)
Flow maximum: 0 ~ 1000ml / min
Cable / distance power cable + signal cable: 3 lines> 1.5 square (AWG16) / maximum: 2500m
RS-485 data communication cable: 1 pair (UL2919 RS-485) / maximum: 1000m
PoE (power over Ethernet): up to 100m
Catheter Connection Cable Seal Kit (PG-16)
Installation Type Wall Mount Installation
Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
Operating Humidity 5 - 99% RH (non-condensing)
Operating power standard: 18 ~ 31 VDC (conventional 24 VDC) / maximum 280 mA
PoE (Note 2): 48 VDC ± 10% / max 200 mA
Material front (polycarbonate), side (steel)
Size Standard: 70 (W) x 144 (H) x 160 (D) mm
Weight Standard: 2.5kg
Certification CE (EN50270: 1999)
Note 1 When using PoE power supply, if you want to use pyrolysis device, should provide 24V DC

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