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Product name : PD-E laser rangefinder
Item : 德国喜利得Hilti
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 Hilti unique pulsed laser technology , the definition of a higher standard of measurement accuracy and reliability of products .
A wealth of manufacturing experience, the forerunner of the laser range finder , a new 5th generation shocked the market
- Monocular Laser : Single ranging technology , 1 mm from the measurements, the measurement can not be resolved within the ordinary range finder drawbacks. Laser transmitter and receiver combined, only the last generation laser assembly volume of 1/7 , more compact, more robust , more stable performance .
- Large 100 sets of data memory function
- Unique PulsePower Technology : Under bright outdoor environment , you can still accurately measure
- Built- telescope , the true red dot laser , 200 meters to quickly locate
- Precision 360-degree angle measurement instrument
- Measuring high with extension rod , corner smallpox no longer limited
- Patented E-Paper outdoor highlight effect definition screen , the phone clarity, bright light similar to reading a newspaper
- Large -screen , eight -line display
- Durable : IP65 super popular brands / waterproof design , high-strength engineering plastic shell lines , soft rubber wrapped , especially adapted to the harsh conditions of the site
Hilti HILTI PD-E laser rangefinder technical parameters :
Measuring range ( no target board ) :0.001-100m
Measuring range ( target board ) :0.001-200m
Accuracy : ± 1.0mm
Tilt range : 360 ° horizontal
Inclination accuracy : ± 0.2 °
Features: volume, area , triangle , maximum / minimum, indirect measurement , time , built a telescope
Tripod Mount: Yes
Outdoor Measurement Mode:
Expert Mode:
LED indicator lights : Yes
Data storage: 100 group
Measurement speed ( continuous measurement ) :6- 10 / S
Battery : 2xAAA
Operating temperature : -10 ℃ - +50 ℃
Protection class : IP65
Weight : 165g
Dimensions (mm): 129 ⅹ 60 ⅹ 28
Warranty : 3 years
Standard: black soft bag , battery, instruction manual , original warranty certificate , certificate of authenticity national metrology department , hand strap .

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