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   Beijing Jiahua UTS Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection agency, marketing, engineering, international trade of high-tech enterprises, gas detection instruments, water quality analysis equipment; radiation detection equipment based professional has the right to import and export business agents, the company is committed to the introduction of foreign most cost-effective gas detection equipment, water quality analysis equipment, testing equipment and emergency radiation detection equipment provided to domestic users, the company proxy instrument widely used in the aerospace, power, chemical, and environmental protection industries and research department, teaching institutions, environmental monitoring and so on.
  Since its establishment, through the concerted efforts of all employees, with the company's employees are aware of the industry equipment, as well as agents compelling product quality and service quality, and establish a good reputation. With these major industry enterprises to establish a solid and reliable business contacts, customs inspection and have a good relationship!
  Our main products are: gas detector, gas analyzers, gas analyzers, water quality analyzer instrument, indoor air quality detectors, radiation detectors; NDT instrument; optical surveying instruments; laboratory equipment.
            Beijing Jiahua UTS Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Beijing, Guangzhou, with offices in Hong Kong, international shipping companies, subsidiaries located in Canada. We are dedicated to the major industrial countries from Europe and the United States; Japan imports a variety of industrial product testing instruments and equipment!
      1. Fast Quote: We have the advantage of brand manufacturers for price list and keep every day with calls and e-mail communication between suppliers, to provide you with quick and timely offer.
      2. excellent prices: We get quotes directly from the factory, avoiding the many intermediate links, many factories to provide us with a fixed discount to ensure that we give customers the best prices.
      3. wide channels: In addition to the factory, we like Europe and North America, many dealers have a direct business relationship, so that we can purchase because of a protection agent and does not offer the brand.
      4. delivery standards: After receiving the order, we will promptly communicate with the manufacturer, for a change of the goods we immediately with the customer feedback.
      5. logistics costs low: in international trade logistics costs often determine the overall price of the product. In Europe we have a unified inspection packaging warehouse in Germany, in North America, in Canada, our goods unified unified procurement package after the inspection, then the declaration LCL shipments, both to ensure proper delivery, and reduce costs.
      6. comprehensive after-sales service: We promise that all products have 12 months warranty. Quality issues beyond the warranty period, we help our clients negotiate with manufacturers to provide the best maintenance program, for your peace of mind.
       Import and export business: agency business - Import
          1, customers and our company has signed an agency agreement, the two sides reached agreement on specific matters of imported goods; at the same time, customers should sign import contracts with foreign exporters on the specific terms of imports, the importer of the contract for our company.
           2, Division I in charge of opening letters of credit (L / C), or handle wire transfer (T / T), and other services; our customers should be conducted before issuing or wire money to pay RMB forex bet our Bank.
           3, before the goods to Hong Kong, by the Division I handle the approval (such as: tax relief imported goods, electrical trial, free 3C certification); goods to Hong Kong after the transfer handled by the Division I single, commodity inspection, customs, and other procedures need to pay customs duties, VAT goods customers pay according to the actual tax amount.
           4, FOB imports of goods for international transportation (air, sea) and international transport business.
        Import and export business: agency business - export
   The process of export goods include: quote, order, payment, stocking, packaging, customs clearance, shipping, transportation insurance, bill of lading, foreign exchange.
            1, customers and our company has signed an agency agreement, the two sides reached agreement on specific matters of export goods; at the same time, customers should sign export contracts with foreign importers on the specific terms of the export contract for our exporters.
             2, the customer within a specified period of time to prepare a good export goods from our customers will be responsible for the delivery or shipping of goods shipped directly to the port or airport air.
             3, by the Division I for a variety of export documentation and customs clearance, commodity inspection and other procedures, CIF to provide international freight transport (air, sea) and international transport business.
             4, our foreign exchange after receiving the payment, the payment of foreign exchange to import customer unit of foreign exchange accounts; or fast for settlement procedures (according to Bank of RMB exchange rates - the same day), the renminbi payment remitted customer designated account.
             5, for the provision of general taxpayer VAT invoice customers, according to the state tax rate of export tax rebate (small taxpayers do not enjoy the export tax rebate), the tax refund to pay immediately after our account.

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