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       Beijing Jiahua zhong xin Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection agency, marketing, engineering, international trade of high-tech enterprises, gas detection instruments, water quality analysis equipment; radiation detection instrument based import and export operation rights of the Agency provider, the company is committed to the introduction of foreign most cost-effective gas detection equipment, water quality analysis equipment, testing equipment and emergency radiation detection equipment provided to domestic users, the company proxy instrument widely used in the aerospace, power, chemical, and environmental protection industries and research departments teaching institutions, environmental monitoring and so on.
       Since its establishment, through the concerted efforts of all employees, with the company's employees are aware of the industry equipment, as well as agents compelling product quality and service quality, and establish a good reputation. With these major industry enterprises to establish a solid and reliable business contacts, customs inspection and have a good relationship!
   Gas detection instruments include: methane, as well as all kinds of combustible gas formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, all kinds of toxic and hazardous gas detection instruments. Acting principal brands are RAE RAE, American-British Cisco ISC, the United States MSA MSA, Honeywell Honeywell, United States IST, USA TIF, Canada BW, Germany Draeger Drager, Germany and Germany Figure testo, Japan's new space Newcosmos , Riken riken, Britain GMI, the United States and other famous Bryant long NTRON brands.
        Water quality testing instruments include: COD, BOD, PH, TDS, TOC, ORP, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, conductivity, salinity, chlorine, turbidity, suspended solids, dissolved oxygen, and other types of sludge concentration meter ion concentration detection instrument, as well as water quality sampling, infrared oil content analyzer, thermostatic heater, nitrogen purge instrument, such as various types of laboratory equipment. Acting major brands have Hach HACH, USA Kimcheon YSI, USA Orion Orion, Thermo Thermo, Thermo Fisher USA Fisher scientifc, US Eutech Eutech, Lehman Lamotte, USA Kaimai Chemetrics, USA Myronl, American Austrian pass Oakton, England BEHRINGER Palintest, Italy Hanna HANNA, Germany Weibang Lovibond, Japan DKK; Horiba Japan HORIBA, Germany WTW and Shanghai three letters; Hailei magnetic water quality instrumentation and other well-known domestic and foreign brands.
        Environmental safety testing instruments include: dust detector, flue gas analyzers, radiation detector, automobile exhaust gas analyzer, particle counter, air sampler, dust sampler, gas sampling, noise meter, thermometer, anemometer and other class security products and related environmental safety accessory products. Acting principal brands are American TSI; US 3M, American Quest, Kingdom Kane kane, Germany and Germany plans TESTO, Japan Horiba HORIBA, USA Medcom, Germany narda, Germany Gamma-Scout, Belarus Polimaster, Belarus Atomtex, Germany drfengtek, US holiday Germany Ke Lei coliy more!
        Customer is our life, service is our duty. Not only do we have to solve your service problems in the work product, but more importantly is the be comprehensive, detailed and professional pre-sales service before the product to solve your worries. We are not the best, but every one of our employees are working hard every day to do better. We hope that our efforts will earn your satisfaction!
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